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How to select high quality cutting wire?

Authorship:admin     Upload date:2017-12-22      Article reading quantity:

A lot of people don't know how to choose high quality cutting wire. Below, I'll give you a detailed introduction.

The material of cutting wire is divided into: stainless steel cut-off wire, copper wire cutting wire, wire cutting wire, copper wire cutting wire, galvanized steel wire cutting wire, wire cutting wire, aluminum wire cutting wire and so on.

First, the choice of cutting wire to ensure that the material is the material you just need, the material is guaranteed to use well.

Two, choose straight degree is relatively high, so the length of truncation will also be same. There will be no many differences in length. The length of cut-off wire is very important for selecting truncated yarn.

Three, packaging is also very important, ready to bound with plastic film tightly packed cut wire, and then put in the box, the FCL is installed is very full and sealed, it is best not to have a half box, if there is half a box to use something like a bubble filled, so received a cut wire not damaged in transit transport.

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