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The construction procedures of hexsteel wear-resistant castable

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1. preparation

Before the construction, need to check the mixing equipment, transportation, vibrating tools and to the pouring position of the intact, clean; check the template, around the water loss prevention measures of refractory bricks and insulating layer; rust, firmware, anchor brick form, size, layout, welding quality and metal anchor expansion anchor compensation measures of inspection equipment whether; check the quality and meet the requirements of the construction of water pouring material. In addition, during the construction of castable, it is necessary to ensure no power stop and no interruption of construction.

Among them, the formwork for the castable construction is made from the non absorbent material. For example, a waterproof coating should be brushed to prevent water from losing the castable. After the loss of water, the fluidity of the castable is reduced, and it is difficult to remove the net bubbles and vibrate and compactness. The steel formwork should be coated with a demoulding agent to prevent the adhesion between the template and the castable. When reused, the template should be cleaned first, then the oil, and then used.

2. agitation

(1) should be mixed with a forced mixer. The mixer needs to be cleaned up in advance and rinsed with water. It should not be mixed with lime, silt, Portland cement and other sundries. If the amorphous material is mixed with phosphate, the equipment must be cleaned thoroughly before mixing the cement with the castable.

2. According to the size of the mixer and the construction situation, each mixing amount should not exceed 200kg. In the case of water consumption, the mixing castable must be sufficient to reach the flow degree.

(3) pour the ingredients of the castable into the blender, mix the 3min, and add the clean tap water. When adding water, first add 90% of the reference water volume of the castable, then add the remaining water slowly to make the fluidity of the slurry meet the requirement, and the wet mixing time should not be less than 5min.

(4) the pouring material must be used in the whole barrel. The stirred castable should be poured quickly. From the time of adding water, it must be used in 30min. The wet material that has already been set, must not be grudgingly formed, and can not be reused again with water, and must be abandoned.

3. vibration

(1) the model should be strict to prevent the leakage of pulp. The pouring material poured into the mould frame should be vibrated with a vibrating bar as soon as possible, and the thickness of each layer can not exceed 300mm, and the vibration distance is about 250mm. Do not repeat vibration so as to avoid segregation.

When vibration, we should avoid touching the anchorage, and do not damage the insulation layer, pending the surface of the castable, and the overwhelming majority of the bubbles discharge the vibrator.

The pouring should be carried out continuously. Before the first layer of castable is first set, the construction of the last layer of castable should be carried out in time. If the construction interval exceeds the initial setting time, the construction seam is required to be treated.

4. maintenance

The castable cement bonded castables, the surface after drying immediately with plastic or straw bags will be exposed in the air part of the cover tightly. However, the chemically bonded castables do not cover the surface.

After finishing, the formwork of the castable can be dismantled. But the load-bearing board should be removed after the strength reaches 70%.

(3) the curing temperature of the refractory castables should be between 10~35 degrees C. When the temperature is too high, the hydration products will change into C3AH6, which may lead to a decrease in strength, and the hardening is delayed by the low temperature.

5. special construction

The local construction, pouring material to pre stored in a cool place, try to arrange the construction in the morning or evening to the water temperature, the temperature should be controlled at 30 DEG C. After pouring, timely cover and water cooling.

During winter construction, the castables should be stored in a heated room and mixed with hot water in advance. The temperature of the mixture should be kept above 10 C and the lining temperature is above 5 C. If these conditions are not satisfied, the working environment must be closed, windshields, heated and insulated until the construction requirements are met. It is absolutely impossible to frost the castable in the hardening and curing period.

Construction of ramming material

Before the construction, Xing Xiangkai staff to carefully check the mould construction of the apparatus meets the requirements, equipment cleaning, hexsteel, anchor nail welding installation is qualified. All the preparations are ready for reference to the following construction methods.

1. agitation

(1) a forced mixer should be used. The mixer needs to be cleaned up in advance and rinsed with water. It should not be mixed with lime, silt, Portland cement and other impurities.

2. According to the size of the mixer and the construction situation, each mixing amount should not exceed 100kg.

3. Pour the ingredients of ramming material into the blender, dry mixed 3min, then add the reference amount of liquid binding agent, and the wet mixing time should not be less than 5min until the mixture reaches the level of construction.

(4) the mixed ramming material must be used in 15min.

The wet material that has been initially set must be abandoned, and no liquid binder should be used for repeated use.

The construction of environmental temperature should be between 10 to 30 DEG C. When the temperature of the material and the ambient temperature of the construction site are too low or too high, appropriate measures should be taken.

2. smear or tamping

The construction of a wooden hammer or rubber hammer tap density. When smearing or ramming, the thickness of the lining should be checked at any time, and the thickness is uniform and the surface is smooth. Finally, using a spatula to wipe out the light. It is strictly forbidden to brush water, cement or dry cement.

The lining construction with hexsteel structure, each in the hexsteel lining area should not be too large, should be a fill hole by tamping, the liner surface and the hexsteel flush. The construction will not be interrupted, Xing Xiangkai hexsteel construction site in clean scrap.

The expansion joints are set up according to the construction requirements, and the expansion joints are filled with fireproof fibers.

3. maintenance

After the construction, natural curing at normal temperature for 3 days, no drenching water.

(2) the temperature of the maintenance environment should be above 20 degrees centigrade. When the temperature of the environment is below 20 C, the hardening condition should be considered, and the curing time should be extended or adopted.

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