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The surface of plastic wrap can be applied to PE PE PVC

Authorship:admin     Upload date:2017-12-21      Article reading quantity:

Package plastic wire surface can also paint PE polyethylene, PVC more resistant to aging than PE, but PE than PVC color soft, plastic coated wire gabion gabion galvanized general quotation and quotation is slightly higher, but the stone cage wire after the plastic package than the general function of galvanized wire is much higher, not only anti-corrosion surface is more beautiful, more and more outstanding environmental protection and beautification function, so that the goods can be widely used in water conservancy, highway, city garden construction ecological beautification project.

This product has the following advantages: 1. in the ecological project construction simple and do not require special skills, the delivery cost is small, can be folded and installed in the cage transport site; rigid concrete protective structure of the traditional water conservancy construction is more affected by the simple, agile and not affected by climate, environmental factors. 2. the structure can be closely linked together, scalability and flexibility, can resist high pressure deformation, acceptable range without breaking the characteristics; and the water conservancy structure composed of rigid protection concrete does not have the flexible protection system, can not resist damage caused by uneven settlement. 3. in the construction process, the selection of materials is more convenient, only the stone can be put into the cage. The design of Y type frame: (1) the column is 2.3 - 2.4 meters high, 0.5 - 0.6 meters in the underground plant and 1.8 meters in the ground. (2) in the ground 0.7 meters, 1.2 meters, 1.7 meters to three 0.5 meters long, 0.8 meters, 1 meters long rail, both ends of equal length, and at the ends of each bar pull a smooth coated wire, at the same time in the ground 0.5 meters in the column on both sides of the pull a package plastic wire. In this way, there are 4 wrapped plastic wires on each side of the column to complete the frame type.

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