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Galvanized iron wire production control and destructive testing requirements

Authorship:admin     Upload date:2017-12-21      Article reading quantity:

Galvanized wire production control:

1, water washing in the production process, each process after two or more than two times of washing, and to ensure clean.

2. The water quality requires the use of deionized water or distilled water for the use of galvanized and passivated grooves, and the other water can be used in living tap water.

3. All the grooves should be analyzed regularly and not less than once a week.

4. Continuous filtration or regular filtration should be used for filtration galvanization. The regular filter should not be less than once a month and the record is complete.

5. During the production of production records, the processing date, name, number, quantity, temperature and time of hydrogen removal should be recorded.

6. Before the production equipment inspection operator is produced, the relevant production equipment should be inspected if there are qualified signs or certificate of qualification, and can be used in the period of nuclear effective and effective.

Destructive tests require:

When the specimen is not suitable for destructive test, the test piece can be used instead of the parts. The specimen should be plated and treated with the same parts under the same conditions. Coating thickness, binding force, corrosion resistance test parts are required as follows: specimen material: Q235 cold rolled plate specimen size: 150mm x 100mm x 1mm.

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