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Razor barbed wire

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Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire

Product Description

1. material : hot dipped galvanized wire and hot dipped galvanized sheet

2. Size: CBT65,BTO22

3. Standard: GB

4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CE

The main use of razor barbed wire at the edge of the field, all kinds of road traffic facilities protection separation, forest conservation areas, government departments, and so on to sentry security alert site.

According to different installation methods, razor barbed wire can be divided into: (snake abdomen type) screw blade thorn rope, straight blade blade thorn rope, flat blade blade thorn rope, blade thorn rope welding net and so on.

The razor barbed wire is divided into three forms: spiral type, straight line type and spiral cross type.


Packing Details  : Packing, solid bicycle saddle, 50pcs/carton

Delivery Details : 3-30 days after order of Solid bicycle tire tubes

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