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Holland wire mesh

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Holland wire mesh

Holland wire mesh

Holland wire mesh

Holland wire mesh

Holland wire mesh

Holland wire mesh

The Holland wire mesh is usually referred to as welded mesh, welded wire mesh, can also be called wave, wave hulanwang, material selects the high quality of Q235 low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire welded together, with bright color, good anti-corrosion performance.

The color of the whole: the choice is grass green, dark green.

Dutch net column: it generally adopts the diameter 48mm iron tube to press down, the end upright column with 60 tube pressing.

Holland wire mesh advantage: beautiful and generous, Dutch net strong and durable, the Dutch net convenient transportation and installation, has the filter precision good, the load intensity is high.

Use of Holland wire mesh: applied to expressway, railway, airport, residential district, port terminal, feeding and animal husbandry.


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